Autism & ADHD

This course is designed to empower staff with the necessary knowledge and competencies to effectively support individuals who are neurodivergent.

In today’s society, the recognition and support of neurodiversity are growing, and implementing reasonable adjustments can significantly enhance the care provided to individuals under our care.

This course delves into understanding the internal experiences of individuals with Autism and ADHD, exploring strategies to manage associated behaviours, and optimising support methods to improve overall practice. Each session is customised to address the specific needs of your client group, ensuring practical and relevant learning outcomes.

Course Contents:

  • What is Autism Spectrum disorder? 
  • What are Sensory systems and how do they impact how we interpret the world
  • Autism and common co-morbidities 
  • What is ADHD and how does it affect behaviour?
  • Emotional regulation and distress tolerance
  • People living with Autism who Deliberately Self-harm 
  • Using behavioural approaches to manage behaviours that challenge 
  • Reasonable environmental Adjustments
  • Reflecting on the Impact of hospital admission on patients with Autism, parents and staff
  • Using communication skills and social stories

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