Eating Disorders & Meal Support

With the rising prevalence of eating disorders among young people, this course is designed to provide staff with both knowledge and practical skills that can be immediately applied post-training.

Its primary objective is to enhance professionals’ understanding of the underlying drivers of eating disorder behaviours and equip them with strategies to provide optimal support, ultimately minimising the need for hospital admissions.

Participants will learn techniques to assist individuals in remaining engaged in education, adopt a multidisciplinary approach to care, identify available support resources, and effectively communicate with young people about their struggles.

Course Contents:

  • Diagnostic criteria, Basics and must knows 
  • Physical symptoms and effects of starvation syndrome 
  • AN cognitions, intrusive thoughts and distorted thought patterns
  • Young people’s experiences of Anorexia 
  • How to communicate with parents and community CAMHS teams
  • How to manage and support at meal times
  • How to manage distress pre and post mealtimes 
  • Language necessities – ‘things to say and things not to say.’
  • ‘Sneaky Anorexia’ and red flags to look out for
  • Mental Health Act

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