Suicide Awareness

The Suicide Awareness course is designed to equip professionals across diverse settings, including education, hospitals, workplaces, and social care, with the essential knowledge and skills to recognize, intervene, and support individuals at risk of suicide.

Tailored to address the unique challenges and dynamics of each setting, this comprehensive program covers a range of topics. Participants will learn to identify signs of suicide risk, prioritise safety during interventions, initiate sensitive conversations with at-risk individuals, and facilitate referrals to appropriate support services. 

Course Contents:

  • Recognising indicators and warning signs of suicide.
  • Causes and triggers of suicidal thoughts/ideation 
  • Suicide statistics and those at risk
  • Stigma and stereotypes associated with suicide 
  • Initiating and effectively navigating conversations with individuals in distress.
  • Engaging in sensitive and empathetic dialogue. 
  • Facilitating the movement of individuals to a safe environment, when feasible.
  • Providing appropriate referrals to emergency and support services for further assistance.

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