Trauma Informed Care

The Trauma-Informed Care Training offers comprehensive guidance for professionals across education, social care, and healthcare settings, aiming to enhance understanding and practice in supporting individuals impacted by trauma.

Tailored to the unique needs of each setting, this training equips participants with essential knowledge and skills to create environments that promote safety, trust, and empowerment for trauma survivors. Key components include recognising the prevalence and impact of trauma, adopting trauma-sensitive approaches to interactions and interventions, fostering resilience, and healing, and implementing trauma-informed policies and practices.

Course Contents:

  • Expand your comprehension of trauma, encompassing complex trauma and how individuals adapt to developmental trauma.
  • Enhance awareness of trauma’s effects on individuals and its implications for practice.
  • Review of the Principles of trauma-informed care and how to apply these in the workplace.
  • Cultivate the skill to view service provision and practice through the perspective of trauma-informed care.
  • Strengthen confidence in actively fostering a trauma-informed culture within your organization.
  • Explore and address barriers, including individual, interpersonal, and systemic factors, that may hinder sustaining a trauma-informed approach.

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