Mental Capacity Act Training

This 1 day course is designed for professionals engaged in the care and assistance of adults who may lack the capacity to make decisions. 
The course covers the key areas outlined by the CQC and skills for care framework including:
  • Understanding of the main principles and how it applies in your service and the relevance to your role
  • Understanding the legal framework of the MCA and associated Law
  • Defining the term mental capacity 
  • Recognising who is affected by the provisions of the act
  • Procedure of an assessment of capacity 
  • Person-centred care and least restrictive approaches

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Face to face / Virtual

Price per person
£ 65/75
  • Price per person
  • Full Day

Face to face / Virtual

Max group size of 18
£ 645/795
  • Full Day
  • Group size of 18